Classified SEIU Contract and Side Letters

The 2023-2024 Classified Contract has been ratified and was approved at the September 12, 2023 Board of Trustees meeting.

Total Votes Cast: 178
Yes Votes: 177
No Votes: 1

Tentative Agreement

8/10/2023 Tentative Agreement


  • Article 5, Union Rights
    • 0.5% FTE reassigned time for the SEIU VP/Lead Negotiator. 
  • Article 6, Hours of Employment - tabled for next round of negotiations
  • Article 7, Pay and Allowances
    • 6.54% (6.62% - .08% for VP/Lead Negotiator)
      • 80 cents per $1,000
      • District provides the remaining funds for the VP/Lead Negotiator reassigned time
  • Article 9, Health and Welfare Benefits 
    • District will assume the premium costs less the unit member out-of-pocket monthly premium costs, which will be equal to the difference of the annual premium cost between that plan and the premium cost of the Kaiser HMO plan by tier.
    • SEIU/District agree to explore alternative Dental options
  • Article 10, Holidays
    • New approved holidays
      • Juneteenth Independence Day
      • Asian Pacific Day
      • Native American Day
      • Cesar Chavez / Dolores Huerta Day
  • Article 11, Vacation – No change
  • Article 12, Leaves of Absence
    • Clarified language and procedures
    • Standardized definition of “Immediate Family” to align with other constituency groups
    • 12.5.12 - District Required Physical or Mental Examination
      • Changed from “doctor” to “licensed medical professional”
      • Removed “bound by” language and added a second opinion option
    • Updated FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) and CFRA (California Family Rights Act) language
  • Article 16, Fringe Benefits
    • Clarified and rearranged language to make the article easier to understand and apply
    • Updated the Medicare stipend to align with Federal requirements
      • Full is amount is taxable income
  • Article 19, Classification and Reclassification - tabled for next round of negotiations
  • Article 26, Term of Agreement
    • Continue with current 3-year contract
    • Next round of negotiations we can open on the entire contract
  • Article 27, General Working Conditions
    • Added
      • 27.2 Safe Workplace Environment - to address indoor and outdoor temperature and air quality concerns.
      • 27.3 Workload - to address workload concerns
      • 27.4 Accommodations - to address response and implementation of reasonable accommodations.

Current Contract

2021-2024 SEIU/District Contract (Printed January 2023)

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