Classified Executive Council (CEC) Meeting Schedule

2nd & 4th THURSDAY of each month, 12 - 1 pm, Bertolini Senate Chambers and via Zoom.

We, the employees of Santa Rosa Junior College, working as free and responsible individuals, recognize that the labor movement in general and SEIU Local 1021, can be instrumental in improving our status and resolving the social and health problems of our community.

Join us as a full union member and support the work the union does to maintain and improve the salary, benefits and working conditions that currently exist.

For those of you who do not belong yet, you might consider some of the alternatives likely without negotiations. . . like direct pay cuts, no longevity or step increases, no review of your job description, etc.  These are common realities in non-union worksites.  

To be the strongest we can be, we need you!  Please join us! Your membership ensures that you have a voice at the table.