In Spring of 2020, the comprehensive study of all Classified Professional job descriptions restarted, with employees and supervisors being asked to submit detailed information about the classifications they work within or supervise. This information was collected in a standard format referred to as a Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ). In the time since the PDQ submission process concluded, this employee/supervisor supplied information has been reviewed and used as the basis for the development of newly drafted job descriptions. The review group is pleased to be moving forward with the release of these first draft job descriptions for additional feedback by employees and supervisors.  

In order to update everyone on this process up to this point, a webinar-style meeting was held and recorded on October 14th, 2021. At this webinar an overview of the PDQ process, job description development, and the feedback & appeals phases were presented. We encourage everyone to take the time to review the video.


10/14/21 Classification Review Webinar Recording


Job Description Feedback

Final Draft Job Description Feedback & Appeals Process