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President Sandy Sigala


Greetings Classified Professionals,

Welcome back to the New Year 2020!  Time is moving rather quickly as we are now mid- February and SEIU is finally able to get this PowerSource out to all of you.

SEIU held its first spring semester Brown Bag gathering in January and it was well attended.  The Brown Bag meets the last Wednesday of each month at noon.  Thank you all for your attendance and your comments regarding the various topics we had on the agenda.  It is important that the SEIU Classified Executive Council hears from you, the Classified Professionals, concerns you may have; the Executive Council can take those concerns forward to the administration and address labor concerns and/or issues as it pertains to the current situation.

As the District continues to move forward with the Reorg, it is important that we stay current with this process.  Do not hesitate to alert me, Job Stewards or the Negotiations Team of your concerns or issues and/or any negative impacts due to the reorg and how it is affecting you. 


At the Brown Bag, we clarified “Working out of Class” vs “Workload”:  

  • Workload  if you are doing more than one person’s work and experiencing additional or too much work, then this is a “workload” issue, please contact a Job Steward for help in addressing this issue.
  • Working Out of Class (WOoC) – if your work is above your current classification.  For example, if you are an Administrative Assistant I, and you are given Administrative Assistant III level work, which is above your current classification, you need to contact a Job Steward to address this issue.

Job Stewards address Labor issues and defends the interests of our fellow employees.  They follow up with the appropriate supervisor for corrective action and address the proper compensation for working out of class and/or workload.

Classified Professionals, please be mindful: If you are agreeing with your supervisor and continue to do work out of class or take on increased workload, and believe you are working with your supervisor with hopeful assurances that your current job will be reclassified; be cautious, this “understanding” is not in the SEIU Contract.  Please be mindful to your co-workers as when you take on more work because perhaps you have a small belief of near future reclassification, etc., you are sending a message that others can be expected to do the same with also no immediate compensation.  Let us all be very careful and mindful of the reorg that is currently happening – protect ourselves!

Classification Review Study – at the January Board of Trustee meeting, the vendor, Segal Company was approved to review our job descriptions.  The Classified Review Committee and Negotiators will meet with management prior to having the 1st Vendor meeting to discuss details and the process moving forward this week.

SEIU is working on a ballot measure – “Schools and Communities First” petition.  This measure is to close a loophole that allows big corporations, like Google, Chevron, McDonalds, and Walt Disney to avoid paying appropriate property taxes.  If voters pass this measure, it would recoup up to $12 Billion per/year; 40% would go schools, with 11% of that set aside for community colleges; the remaining 60% goes to local governments. It is additional revenue that will go to the general fund for the local governments to decide how to spend.

  • It was noted that local PTA's are in favor of the measure.
  • This measure will not raise property taxes on residential, agricultural, or small businesses.

SEIU is asking for your support in signing the petition so it can be placed on the voter ballot. Please see Sandy Sigala in Student Life to sign the petition – we only have about two more weeks.

SEIU held their Education Industry 2020 Summit this past weekend.  A few of SRJC SEIU members attended.  It is always quite interesting to learn more in-depth Union topics and what SEIU is involved with and how it relates to our Local Chapter.  Topics included Schools and Communities First - schools being underfunded and understaffed, Solving Workplace Problems, New Employee Orientation, Effective Recruitment and Relationship building, including Social Media and Member Resource, Racial Discrimination, Racial Justice, and a Well-organized workplace.  The Summit was quite educational to learn about other schools and the differences from SRJC.  This was time well spent.

Stay in Touch!  I will try to keep you posted on any updates as they come forward.  I can be available if you would like to chat or contact a Job Steward as needed.


Have a great semester!

Sandy Sigala

SEIU1021 SRJC Chapter President

Chief Job Steward Robin Zolotoff


The stewards are here to help you with questions, meetings with your supervisor, or issues related to working conditions. They provide individual assistance on specific situations impacted by workload, staffing and contract issues. Please contact any job steward if you have questions, concerns, or need information on your contract benefits, rights and responsibilities.  

Please contact a union steward if you are approached about changes in your workload, or position.

Link to Job Stewards:


SEIU Rep. Aaron Burton


Message from your Union Representative –

Much of the protections and rights that we now have were fought for decades of hard work to secure them in our SEIU Contract, they are not protected by State or Federal Law. Theses protections and rights are bargained for by your Union with the support of the membership. We all have a role in preserving and safeguarding these rights for future generations.

One Law that came out of a 1970's lawsuit was “Weingarten Rights” in which the Supreme Court ruled that an employee is entitled to have a Union Representative present during an interview which may result in discipline.



  1. You must request that a Union Representative be called into the meeting. The Employer is not required to inform you of this right and it is a “use it or lose it” right.
  2. You must have a reasonable belief that discipline will result from the meeting.
  3. You have the right to know the subject of the meeting and the right to consult with you Union prior to the meeting with management to receive advice.
  4. Do not refuse to attend a meeting, if a steward is requested but denied. I suggest you attend the meeting and repeatedly insist upon your right to have a Union Representative present. If this fails, then do not answer any of the questions and take notes. Call me, a job steward or a CEC member right away. 


In Unity,

Aaron M. Burton

Field Representative
SEIU Local 1021|  600 B Street
Santa Rosa, CA 95401
Cell # 707-234-9737





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