2020 Election Results

  • A total of 141 valid ballots were counted. The number of valid votes received by each candidate is indicated in parentheses.
  • The names in bold indicate the newly elected officers.
  • Note that write-in candidates need a requisite 10% of the vote to be elected, which is 14 votes.

Sandy Sigala (132)
Jordan Mead (1, write-in)
Cheri Winter (1, write-in)
Jessica (1, invalid write-in)

Vice-President/Lead Negotiator
Jordan Mead (133)

Adrienne Leihy (137)

Negotiators (3 Positions)
Greg Drukala (125)
Robert “Bob” Peterson (124)
Sandy Sigala (124)
Cheri Winter (1, write-in)
Patty Collis (1, write-in)

Steward (2 Positions)
Jordan Mead (130)
Blanca Flores (1, write-in)
Marc Rudlin (1, write-in)
Josh Linton (1, write-in)


2020 CEC Elections Committee
Maria Banachowicz, Classification Review Committee Member
Patty Collis, Classification Review Committee Member
M. Liko Puha, Website Specialist
Debbie Riedmuller, Member Coordinator
Marc Rudlin, Committee Specialist