2018 Election Results

A total of 96 valid ballots were counted. The number of valid votes received by each candidate is indicated below in parentheses. The names in bold indicate the newly elected officers.

Note that write-in candidates need a requisite 10% of the vote to be elected which is 9 votes in this case.


Sandy Sigala (93)
Cece Jones (1, write-in)
Jordan Mead (1, write-in)

Vice President

Debra Miller (94)

Communications Officer

Mary Sandberg (96)

Negotiator (3 Positions)

Sandy Sigala (89)
Bob Peterson (85)
Grzegorz Drukala (83)
Alicia Artz (1, write-in) [note: ineligible]
Marc Rudlin (1, write-in)
James Blue (1, write-in)
Anna Felciano (1, write-in)
Mary Sandberg (1, write-in)

Steward (2 Positions)

Ari Poppers (88)
Debbie Eakins (4, write-in) [note: already elected as steward, in 2nd year of 2-year term]  
Barbara King (1, write-in)
Jordan Mead (1, write-in)
Megan Lowry-Reed (1, write-in)
Marc Rudlin (1, write-in)
M. Liko Puha (1, write-in)
Mike Garcia (1, write-in)
Sandy Sigala (1)