Election Update

Due to an error in the configuration of the SurveyMonkey ballot on the part of the SEIU Local 1021 who administers our chapter elections, the Election Committee was unable to validate the results of the recent election.

The Election Committee has worked closely with the Local and we will be re-running the election through Election Buddy.

Voting starts Monday, November 14 at 12pm and continues through Wednesday, November 16 at 4pm.

SEIU Members will receive an email at the start time of the election with a link to the ballot from "SEIU 1021 <invitations@mail.electionbuddy.com>".

If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact anyone on the Election Committee.

Election Committee

  • Maria Banachowicz, Classification Review Committee Member
  • Marc Rudlin, Member at Large
  • Patty Collis, Classification Review Committee Member
  • Debbie Riedmueller, Communications Officer, Member Co-Coordinator
  • Jessica Melvin, Negotiator


Election Dates

The election will be held on Monday, October 31st from 12PM through Wednesday, November 2nd 2022 at 4PM.

Results will be announced on November 3rd on this webpage and via email. 

Candidacy Statements will be accepted from September 26th through October 14th. 

Statements will be posted on this website starting Monday, October 17th through Friday, October 28th for the membership to review. 


Election Positions

  • President - 1 position
  • Vice President/Lead Negotiator - 1 position
  • Negotiator – 3 positions
  • Secretary/Treasurer – 1 position
  • Steward – 3 positions

For more about the individual position duties, see the documents below.

Candidacy Statements

President - 1 Position

Sandy Sigala

SEIU Membership, I am requesting your support as I seek the seat for President in the upcoming SEIU election. I have served in this position for 3 terms and it would be an honor to receive your vote to continue serving You, the Classified Professionals. My years serving as a leader in several organizations, and in particular, as your SEIU President, has allowed me the opportunity to bring our Classified Professional voices forward when needed to support subject matters of concern. The Presidential leadership position has educated me to approach administration issues with a style of finesse and respect in order to resolve concerns. I always have an open ear to serve our membership with continued importance to listen; assuring your voice is heard and acknowledged. I will continue to represent and support the Classified Professionals in all areas when employment concerns arise in a continued respectful, professional and fair manner. I am always available to meet for any questions you may have or concerns at any time and work to seek a resolution. I will continue to be transparent and communicate with the Classified Professionals in all ways. I ask for your consideration to cast a vote for me. Thank you for your Support. Vote for Sandy Sigala as SEIU PRESIDENT

Vice-President - 1 Position

Marvin Liko Puha

Dear Classified Unit Members,

Please vote for me to become your next Vice-President/Lead Negotiator.

I have served on the Classified Executive Council in several roles since 2014. I started as the Classified Senate/CEC liaison. I've served as Website Specialist, elected as a Negotiator serving for two years, and most recently as a Job Steward.

I've also served on the Strategic Planning Committee, the Self-Study Accreditation for Leadership and Shared Governance, the District Online Committee, the Accessibility Committee, and as a tri-chair for Measure H implementation for Accessibility.

My service record indicates a deep passion for ensuring good working conditions and equal representation for Classified Professionals. As your Vice-President, I will continue to serve to the best of my ability on our behalf.

Thank you for your vote.

Negotiator - 3 Positions

Greg Drukala

I have been an SEIU member since I started working for SRJC eight years ago and I have served as a negotiator for the past four years. Additionally, I have vast experience in conducting various negotiations as a founder of multiple high-tech startups in Sonoma County before I came to work at SRJC. My current position as a Research Analyst gives me an excellent insight into all aspects of the District – a valuable asset for a negotiator. Being located on the Petaluma campus while providing District wide service allows me to see the specific needs and problems of classified employees on all the campus locations. I am very concerned about the well-being and the working conditions of our classified community during these difficult times and promise to work tirelessly for good wages and benefits, and fair and safe working conditions for all. Our hard work deserves proper recognition and respect. I am thankful for the opportunity to serve you as a negotiator in the past and appreciate your vote in the upcoming elections.

Robert Peterson

I have been one of your negotiators for the last six years. I would like to continue serving in this position. I have been active in our union since 2002. I served for many years as a union steward and understand the issues that need to be resolved in negotiations. I have been an employee of the college for almost 27 years. Thank you for your support.

Sandy Sigala

Hello my fellow Classified Professionals. I am seeking your vote for the position of SEIU Negotiator. I have served these past 3 terms as a Negotiator, and I can assure you my experience and background in this position strongly supports the Classified Professionals for our SEIU Contract interests during the negotiations process. In my term as a Negotiator, the negotiation teams has been very successful in various areas of the contract, including the cost of living during a pandemic and approval of a stipend for Hazard pay this past year, and much more. I am very proud of the work we have done. I am very knowledgeable to the Union Contract language and prepared to assist the classified when concerns/issues arise. I continue to advocate for my fellow co-workers in regards to a safe work place and helping where ever I know the need is necessary. I have no problem taking concerns forward to appropriate level when the need arises. I ask for your vote of support in this current SEIU Election . Vote for SANDY SIGALA FOR NEGOTIATOR

Secretary/Treasurer - 1 Position

Joshua Pinaula

To SRJC Classified Professionals, As the current Secretary/Treasurer, I’m asking for your vote so that I can continue representing classified professionals. Our college has experienced so many back-to-back events that effect our working conditions. From the fires, the ERI, the Classification Review, the pandemic, and telecommuting implementation and I hope to use my background in leadership, knowledge of SRJC history, and current SEIU involvement to help navigate our college’s uniquely political environment during theses confusing times. My philosophy is that regardless of the topic, I think there’s always things that we can do better! I hope

is to encourage and sustain a legacy of increased classified involvement, participation, and diversity. Joshua Pinaula Please, feel free to contact me with any questions!

Steward - 3 Positions

Suzanne Allen

I’m interested in joining CEC in the position of Job Steward. I’ve been with the JC five years and a union member for four years. I understand the uncomfortableness that comes along with finding oneself in conflict with management. Knowing where to turn to ask for guidance and having representation, is priceless in a time of need. I’m interested in this role, because I want to support others, educate and protect one’s rights, and provide the neutrality needed for finding a solution that works for all parties involved.

Jorge DaCosta

Hello everyone. My name is Jorge DaCosta and I was hired by SRJC in 2012 as a Library Technician. I am asking for your vote of support in my candidacy for Job Steward. I have been a union member since I was hired here and at several previous jobs. I have always believed in union representation and collective bargaining as a way for workers to ensure fair compensation, good working conditions, and job security. I have taken some SEIU courses in the past, including the steward class, but only recently decided to take on this responsibility. I am an attentive listener and good policy researcher and will gladly dedicate myself to doing what I can to promote and enforce our contract and applicable policies and laws. Thank you for your consideration.