Election Committee

  • Maria Banachowicz, Classification Review Committee Member
  • Patty Collis, Classification Review Committee Member
  • M. Liko Puha, Website Specialist
  • Debbie Riedmuller, Member Coordinator
  • Marc Rudlin, Committee Specialist

Election Dates

Tuesday-Thursday 3PM, November 3-5, 2020 (New adjusted dates due to the Glass Fire closure.)

Note: Write-in candidates need a requisite 10% of the vote to be elected.

Election Positions

  • President – 1 position
  • Vice-President/Lead Negotiator - 1 position
  • Secretary/Treasurer – 1 position
  • Negotiator – 3 positions
  • Steward – 2 positions

For more about the individual position duties, see the documents below.

Candidacy Statements

Submit by 12 pm on Friday, 10/16/2020; 250 Word Limit
Submissions posted here by 5 PM on Monday, 10/19/2020

President - 1 position (1 Candidate)

Sandy Sigala

Classified Professionals; It has been an honor to serve as your SRJC CEC (Classified Executive Council) President these past 4 years. I am seeking your vote in this upcoming election as I have decided to run for the seat of SEIU President for the CEC. During the past 2 terms, I have addressed the District with multiple concerns regarding the labor and working conditions on your behalf, my agenda often has a positive outcome with the District. I have no fear to speak up when I hear classified are not in agreement with management decisions that are being made, i.e., reorganization, management reclassifications, and raises/stipends. I address topics/concerns at Town Halls and Board of Trustee meetings with no hesitation. As your leader, I embrace and keep you at the forefront of priority when discussions are occurring and decisions are being made; I am honored to represent you with pride. I remain transparent, communicate and deliver a positive connection, and communication with both Classified Professionals and the District administration. Under my leadership we have maintained SEIU membership after the ERI was finalized in December 2019. We had 39 SEIU Members retire, today we have 294 SEIU members. I’m always available to meet with you on your issues and questions any time. It has been an honor to represent the Classified Professionals, and I thank you for your support and vote of confidence to be voted in as your SEIU President for the upcoming election.

Vote for SEIU Chapter President – Sandy Sigala

Vice-President/Lead Negotiator - 1 position (1 Candidate)

Jordan Mead

Dear Classified Unit Members,

My name is Jordan Mead. I have lived in Santa Rosa for my entire life, half of that time (21 years) being employed at Santa Rosa Junior College in the IT department. I am currently serving as Vice-President / Negotiator and am seeking another term. My commitment to you is to continue representing you at the bargaining table to the best of my ability. I do this by bringing well thought-out proposals with strong justification, being as clear and transparent as possible when updating you on the status of Negotiations, and attempting to answer any questions thoroughly and completely. Being that we spend so much of our lives working, few things are more important than the work we do as a union to protect & enhance our working conditions, while at the same time ensuring the institution that we all rely on remains excellent for generations to come. Please vote for me so I can continue to serve our unit’s best interests as we navigate impacts from budget reductions, re-organization, right-sizing, a multitude of disasters, and changing ways in which we perform our duties. Thank you for your time and support.

-Jordan Mead

Secretary Treasurer - 1 position (1 Candidate)

Adrienne Leihy

Greetings members of the SRJC community! My name is Adrienne Leihy and I am running for the position of Secretary/Treasurer for SEIU 1021 SRJC chapter.

I was fortunate to get a taste for this position at the start of the academic year after finding this vacancy and being appointed to it. I am a proud SRJC alumna and have been working at the College in various administrative support capacities, currently as a curriculum technician, for the past 9 years. I have experience compiling agendas, taking minutes, distributing meeting materials, and am well-versed in Google Drive (where the chapter stores its meeting materials). I consider myself to be hyper-organized: I set calendar reminders for myself to send out reminders to others, I don't mark an email as "read" until any action I need to take is complete, and I develop file structures that are intuitive and easy to navigate.

I am confident these skills will help the Union to represent and advocate for the Classified Professionals at Santa Rosa Junior College and would be honored to continue serving in this position. Thank you for your time.

Negotiator - 3 positions (3 Candidates)

Greg Drukala

I have been an SEIU member since I started working for SRJC six years ago and I have served as a negotiator for the past two years. Additionally, I have a vast experience in conducting various negotiations as a founder of multiple high tech startups in Sonoma County. My current position as a Research Analyst gives me an excellent insight into all aspects of the District – a valuable asset for a negotiator. Being located on the Petaluma campus while providing District wide service allows me to see the specific needs and problems of classified employees on all the campus locations. I am very concerned about the well-being and the working conditions of our classified community during these difficult times and promise to work tirelessly for good wages and benefits and fair and safe working conditions for all. Our hard work deserves proper recognition and respect. I am thankful for having had served you as a negotiator and appreciate your vote in the upcoming elections.

Robert (Bob) Peterson

I have been an employee of the SRJC since 1996 and a union Member since 2000. I have been active in the CEC since 2004. I was a steward for over 10 years and I have been a negotiator for the last 3 years. I want to continue in the roll of a negotiator. Thank you.

Sandy Sigala

Dear Classified Professionals,
I have served 13 years working with CEC (Classified Executive Council) at SRJC.  I have decided to run for the CEC Negotiator position.  I bring many years of hard work and experience, with union knowledge and contract language understanding from SRJC and previous employment.  I would continue to be an asset to the Classified Professionals; I am prepared and ready to continue to serve you in this position.
Negotiations is difficult, tense, time consuming and a lot of pressure involved, yet I’ve learned to work diligently with our team and the management team, and our voices are heard.  I am a team player, and I work with pride and support for you, our Classified Professionals, as we strive for a positive outcome.
As a current Negotiator these past 4 years, I understand the importance of working diligently to bring forward positive completion of the Contract Articles you have directed the Negotiators to work on.  We have been successful and have completed the tasks with a positive outcome with your vote of approval.  Working with our team, we just completed a successful collective Contract Tentative Agreement 2020-21 and it will be pending your vote. 
It is with great pride and respect to have served you as one of the Negotiators these past 4 years.  I am thankful to have had the opportunity to negotiate on your behalf. 
I would appreciate your vote for Negotiator in the upcoming elections.

Vote for Sandy Sigala for Negotiator

Steward - 2 positions (1 Candidate)

Jordan Mead

Dear Classified Unit Members,

My name is Jordan Mead. I have lived in Santa Rosa for my entire life, half of that time (21 years) being employed at Santa Rosa Junior College in the IT department. I am currently serving as one of your Stewards and am seeking another term. Throughout my years of service as a union representative, I have gained a wealth of intricate contract information, experience in labor / management relations, and the knowledge of how important and usually life-changing situations have been handled in the past. Not all outcomes have been what we would call a “win” for those we represent, but in any case, we vehemently advocate for everyone to be given a sincere and consistent process to air grievances and a fair opportunity to persevere through work-life challenges. Thank you for your time and support.

-Jordan Mead