Election Committee

Debbie Eakins, Debra Miller, Bob Peterson, M. Liko Puha, Debra Riedmuller

Election Positions

The following CEC positions are available: 

  • Secretary/Treasurer – 1 position
  • Communications Officer – 1 position
  • Steward – 4 positions
  • Negotiator – 1 position

Election Dates

Tuesday, October 22-24, 2019

Candidacy Statements

Due 10/4/19; 250 Word Limit

Position: Secretary/Treasurer - 1 position (1 Candidate)

Elaine Guidry

The reason I am nominating myself for this position is two-fold:

  1. I feel it is an extremely minimal time commitment, for the amount of SEIU knowledge I would glean over a 2 year period, to put myself in a position to accept a steward or negotiator role.  With the current state of our campus, I know that we Classified Professionals need to step up and be heard!  I have asked for approval from my supervisor, and he has agreed.
  2. The second reason I am nominating myself, is that I would be able to assist our Classified Senate President with scheduling the meetings and events, alleviating some of the burden the position of President brings. Since the Secretary role assists with setting a calendar, and the core of my work on campus is scheduling meetings and events, it would streamline the process, eliminating duplicated tasks.  That is the only way to right size the college – eliminate wasted time.   

Thank you for the opportunity to apply.
Elaine Guidry

Position: Communications Officer - 1 position (2 Candidates)

Regina Mahiri

I would like to run for the position of Communications Officer because I believe it would be a nice introduction to the world of SEIU. As a member, I don’t know much about the inner workings of SEIU, I only know that our reps work hard on behalf of classified professionals to achieve and maintain what’s fair and beneficial for us. I am interested in helping to make a difference for classified professionals and would love to be a part of any team that works to remove barriers and break glass ceilings for people campus wide.

Joshua Pinaula

To the SRJC Classified constituency,

As the current Communications Officer, I’m asking for your vote so that I can continue representing our classified professionals. Our college is about to experience some massive changes after December’s ERI -I hope to use my background in leadership and detailed knowledge of SRJC history to help navigate our college’s uniquely political environment into a new era!

As the Communications Officer, my core duty is updating the SEIU Powersource Newsletter on our website. Having previously worked for our college as a Website Support Specialist, I’m confident in my abilities to meet this responsibility.

I love our college community, but there’s always things that we can do better! Communication is key for any organization in order to
sustain a legacy of increased involvement, participation, and diversity. When everyone is constantly bombarded with information it becomes even more important to make sure communications are direct, clear, comprehensible, and that everyone gets heard.

SEIU Strong!
Joshua Pinaula
Please, feel free to contact me with any questions!

Position: Steward - 4 positions (3 Candidates)

Zack Miranda

My name is Zack Miranda and I want to help support you, our classified staff, as a Job Steward at Santa Rosa Junior College. 

This past year I was appointed as a Job Steward to fill a vacancy, and since then I have dedicated significant time to learning the contract and shadowing our more experienced stewards. While I still have a lot to learn, I am committed to putting in the time required to truly understand each case and to help represent you to the best of my ability. 

I believe that SRJC can be one of the best places to work, but that isn’t always inherent. It takes a lot of work to build a culture that respects and supports our classified staff. We have some incredible people leaving this college due to the ERI, and SEIU representation will be important as ever as changes are made to programs and departments. I am here for the long haul, and I am ready to stand by our classified staff as we navigate those changes to our college together. 

Thank you for your consideration and for your membership in SEIU. We are stronger together!

DeAnna Rogers

Hello Santa Rosa Junior College, My name is DeAnna Rogers and I would like to represent you and support you as one of our SEIU Job Stewards.  You may know my name from e-mails I send out about the Student Resource Center & the Feed The Bears Pantry.  I actually started on campus, back in 2016, as an STNC, became a full time employee and then was reorganized into the Student Resource Center when the bookstore was shut down.   

As we work through these next couple of years not only can I bring my own JC reorg experience to the table but also my decades of experience in HR consulting and Project Management.  I spend my business hours supporting our students, staff and faculty to find ways to meet their basic needs, I would like your vote to assist and support all classified personnel to ensure that our work continues to meet the standards we all have come to expect from the Santa Rosa Junior College.

Thank you for your support -- DeAnna

Robin Zolotoff

I have had the privilege of serving as a job steward the past 2 years, and currently hold the role of Chief Job Steward. I have enjoyed assisting our Classified body with a variety of issues that arise in the work place. I would like to continue in this role as we anticipate the big changes ahead. Thank you. 

Steward Position Write-in Campaign Candidate 

Lenelle Arnold

My name is Lenelle Arnold. I came to SRJC as a student to study Culinary Arts. Once my degree was achieved in the Fall of 2010, I worked in the Culinary Arts Department as an STNC until I became a Fulltime employee in July 2011. 

I am asking to be considered for the position of Job Steward to expand my support for the journey to fairness and equality for all who work to make this institution great. I have been a part of the Classified staff that has given up benefits, had benefits taken and then gaining some benefits back over the years, like spring break, which is awesome. I have witnessed unfair practices and it has pained me to see the different situations occur. With that said, I am hopeful I can be a part of the team that works to protect our rights by supporting the Contract our negotiations team works so hard to gain.

What do I know about Unions? Well, I once worked closely with the Automotive Teamsters Union in the East Bay. Interpreting the union contract and maintaining positive relations with the Field Officers. I have been a union member on any job that a union was present, including the Machinists union when I worked for Lockheed California Company. More currently, I have had the opportunity to work with our union representatives, both Job Stewards and filed agents, to bring to the table issues of unfair treatment. I know the importance of being an employee and knowing that support is there. 

In closing, I believe I will be a benefit to the employees who need support in the never ending search for fairness in the workplace. I appreciate the consideration for the position of Steward and look forward to this journey.


Lenelle Arnold
Financial Aid
Plover Hall

Position: Negotiator - 1 position (1 Candidate)

Jessica Melvin

I have worked at SRJC for a little over 4 years and am finishing my second year as the elected SEIU Secretary/Treasurer. I would like to continue serving the Union and feel the experience and knowledge I have gained as Secretary/Treasurer will help me in the transition to negotiator. I think it is especially important, as we will shortly be losing so many people to the ERI, that newer employees, like myself, take more active roles and learn as much as possible from our more seasoned colleagues. I would be honored to be a part of the Negotiations Team that has worked so hard and won so much for Classified Professionals over the years. I hope you will consider voting for me.