Service Employees International Union, CLC

2019 - 2021 Contract (Printed July 2021)

Contract Index
The information provided below is for reference only and does not contain links. Please see the entire appendices section for the documents.
Appendix A - Classified Salary Schedule

Appendix B - Medical Insurance Benefit Plans

Appendix C - Classified Evaluation Forms

Appendix D - PERB Certification of a Representative

Appendix E - Holiday Schedule

Appendix F - Summer Hours Agreement
Appendix G - Shift Differential Schedule
Appendix H - Positions by Component Group
Appendix I - Yearly Classification Schedule and Important Deadlines
Appendix J - Side Letter - District/SEIU Joint Labor Management Committee

Appendix K - Side Letter - Classified Open Recruitment Screening Criteria

Appendix L - Side Letter to Article 24 District Police

Appendix M - Classified Professional Development Request Form

Appendix N - Classified Shared Governance Compensation

Appendix O - Classified Shared Governance Compensation FAQ

Appendix P - Memorandum of Understanding regarding Safety PERS

Appendix Q - Side Letter to Article 14, Filling Vacant Positions