Election Results

2017 Election Results

A total of 52 valid ballots were counted. The number of valid votes received by each candidate is indicated below in parentheses. The names in bold indicate newly elected officers. Note that write-in candidates need a requisite 10% of the vote to be elected which is 5 votes in this case.

Secretary/Treasurer (1 position)

Jessica Melvin (50)

Negotiator (3 positions)

Debbie Eakins (49)
Liko Puha (33, write-in)
Jordan Mead (6, write-in) [note: already elected as negotiator, in 2nd year of 2-year term]
Debra Miller (3, write-in)
Dennis O'Flaherty (1, write-in)
Joey Smith (1, write-in)
Joe Shum (2, write-in)
Therese Jennings (1, write-in)
Susan St. Clair (1, write-in) [note: ineligible]
Kathy Matthies (1, write-in)

Steward (4 positions)

Debbie Eakins (48)
Jordan Mead (36)
Robin Zolotoff (41)
Jo Ann Olsen (33, write-in)

Alicia Artz (1, write-in) [note: ineligible]
Dennis O'Flaherty (1, write-in)
Liko Puha (2, write-in)
Joey Smith (1, write-in)